Posted on 02-Mar-2020

MEDfacials Botox and Fillers Cornwall

Have you ever wondered why we sweat? Our body has built in very clever features to regulate our body temperature, especially through stages of extreme heat, exercise and even during illness.
However, while sweating is a normal regulatory process, which helps us to cool down, there are some people who produce an amount of sweat that far exceeds normal body regulation. The condition is sometimes called Hyperhidrosis.
Some patients may experience excessive sweating episodes during spells of stress, emotion or exercise but it can also occur unexpectedly.
This can be limited to a specific area, such as the armpits, palms, face, feet or it can affect the entire body.
Though the underlying cause is uncertain, it is thought that genetics may play a role as interestingly two thirds of patients have a family history of the condition.
At MEDfacials in Truro, Cornwall, we offer our clients a solution with minimally-invasive botulinum toxin treatments. If you want to find out, book your free assessment and excessive sweating treatment at MEDfacials here.
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